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99027 Vegetation Surveys and Plant Identification

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Conducting vegetation surveys and identifying plant species are essential skills required for many careers in environmental sciences. Information about the ecological structure and plant species composition of vegetation assemblages obtained from carefully planned and conducted surveys is relied upon by government agencies, private consultancies, scientists, community groups, as well as landowners and managers. This information can be used for a range of purposes, including environmental impact assessments, conservation and wilderness assessments, site planning, fire and weed control, coastal management, and revegetation programs. This subject explores three key areas of knowledge and practice across three modules: (1) Australian vegetation and its classification; (2) vegetation survey methods; and (3) plant species identification. Best practice methods in data collection and interpretation are a key focus of the unit. Online learning is complemented with a field-based training day to conduct a vegetation survey so that students become highly-skilled and confident in performing vegetation surveys and identifying Australian plant species.

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