University of Technology Sydney

97109 Chinese Mass Media

8cp; 3 x 2hr tutorials/week; availability: exchange and study abroad students with faculty approval
Requisite(s): 97110 Twentieth Century Chinese Fiction OR 97113 Chinese Culture and Heritage OR 97112 Chinese Film


This subject is taught in Chinese.


This subject is designed for students who are proficient in Chinese (native or near native speakers of Modern Standard Chinese). It provides an opportunity to apply high level critical thinking and analytical skills to exploring, through intercultural perspectives, social issues and problems that are current and important to Chinese society. Students widen and enrich their knowledge of Chinese social, cultural and political institutions through critical studies of Chinese mass media (online newspaper and magazine articles, online videos such as TV news, reports, current affairs programs, and online discussion forums), investigate selected topics and problems from sources within and outside of China, and understand journalism as a profession in both Chinese and international contexts. Students learn basic media analysis methods, engage in citizen-journalism, and sharpen their research skills by examining issues related to contemporary Chinese society. They also learn to be responsible 'netizens' by contributing constructively to online discussions over selected topics and texts. Students observe social problems arising in China from an Australian context, and consider potential solutions from angles afforded by this international perspective.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus
Spring session, City campus

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