University of Technology Sydney

96840 Society, Psychological Health and Wellbeing

6cp; 3 x 1 hour (online, e.g. Zoom), 15-20 hours per week (self-directed study and participation in module activities)
Requisite(s): 96832 Introduction to Psychology Foundations AND 96833 Introduction to Psychological Science
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Health, wellbeing and behaviour are influenced by a combination of biological, psychological, social and cultural factors. In this subject, students develop an understanding of how human life is profoundly shaped by our connections to others and to our context and that by using psychological knowledge we can begin to take steps towards changing our lives, contexts and communities. As part of this learning, students critically reflect on and evaluate the influence of our social connections and context on our health and wellbeing. They explore ways to prevent or resolve interpersonal and intercultural conflict; to promote health and wellbeing; and to critically reflect on and respond to health inequality within our community.

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