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96634 Mental Health Conditions and Psychological Wellbeing

Requisite(s): ((48 credit points of completed study in spk(s): C10477 Bachelor of Psychology OR 48 credit points of completed study in spk(s): C10478 Bachelor of Psychology Bachelor of Criminology OR 48 credit points of completed study in spk(s): C09169 Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)) AND 96630 Introduction to Psychology A AND 96632 Introduction to Psychology B)


Understanding mental health conditions and interventions is an important and evolving area of inquiry in psychology. In this subject, students critically evaluate historical perspectives and contemporary models of the development, classification, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health conditions. Students learn how various socio-cultural factors and scientific developments have shaped dominant models of professional understanding and practice. Students apply their knowledge and critical thinking skills to case examples, considering a range of theoretical models and evaluating the evidence-base for diverse models of mental health and psychological wellbeing, intervention and/or service delivery.

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