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96328 Systems and Service Innovation

6cp; 3 x 1hr (online session), 15-20hpw (self-study and participation in activities); availability: online coursework degrees students only
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This subject is designed to assist students to develop, deliver, and critically appraise patient-centred innovations that improve the safety and quality of health and social care. Innovation is an oft-mentioned goal in healthcare, but it is not always clear what this entails, nor how to achieve it.

As the healthcare landscape evolves and emerging technologies change the way patients and healthcare professionals interact with (and within) the health care system, there is a need to embrace and implement new ways of thinking, and working, particularly in supporting quality and safety activities. This subject introduces students to different perspectives on innovation, and the intersections between innovative mindsets and methods, and the organisational structures, systems and strategies that support innovation in practice. There is a particular focus on human-centred design – not only in the development of innovation, but also in its spread, diffusion and ongoing evaluation.

This subject helps students build their knowledge and skills to drive and manage innovation at individual and organisational levels, through a complex systems approach that values lifelong learning, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration. These are now essential skills for healthcare professionals, who wish to be effective in ensuring and improving the quality and safety of healthcare in a rapidly-changing and increasingly complex world.

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