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96319 Research in Health

6cp; 3 x 1-1.5hrs Zoom sessions; 15-20 hours per week (self-directed study and participation in module activities); availability: online coursework degrees students only
Requisite(s): 96314 Evidence for Informing Practice OR 92335 Introduction to Specialty Practice: Mental Health Nursing OR 92672 Translating Research into Midwifery Practice OR 92380 Translating Research into Midwifery Practice OR 92383 Translating Research into Midwifery Practice OR 92440 Evidence for Nursing OR 92461 Evidence for Nursing
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Recommended studies:

Successful completion of 96314 Evidence for Informing Practice is recommended prior to commencing this subject.



This subject is designed to develop students’ research knowledge and skills on how to plan and conduct original, culturally and ethically appropriate research from concept to completion. Based on their understanding of the literature and issues relevant to their practice, students will develop an original research question and critically analyse a range of research designs and methods, and identify the most appropriate design and methods to answer the question. With an ethical lens, students justify the potential risks and benefits of their proposed research to the study population, healthcare practice and policy as they develop and refine a feasible design that reflects methodological quality and rigor.

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Autumn session, City campus

Spring session, City campus

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