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96312 Professional Practice in High Performance Sport 3

6cp; 5-10 hrs online learning activities; 120 hrs professional placement
Requisite(s): 96308 Professional Practice in High Performance Sport 2
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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Requisite elaboration/waiver:

Prior to enrolling in this subject, students need to have completed Professional Practice In High Performance Sport 2, and seek approval from the Course Director to complete Professional Practice In High Performance Sport 3. Approval will be based on an appropriate proposed placement site, with adequate supervision support and scope for a suitable placement project.


This subject provides experiential learning by implementing a performance focused project within a high performance sport environment. It encourages and guides students to move beyond their current understanding of the ‘practice of work’, and to develop a program that meets the needs of a high performance department in the sporting industry. During the placement project, students utilise knowledge and skills developed from the High Performance Sport core subjects, to implement impactful methods in a practical setting. This subject challenges students to develop their project management skills, requiring academic and industry collaboration.

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