University of Technology Sydney

96309 Performance Analysis and Data Science

6cp; 3 hpw online interactive activities; 5 hpw independent study
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This subject examines the role of the performance analyst in a sporting context. Students explore data-led frameworks and performance analysis tools used to investigate a variety of problems faced by sports practitioners. The strengths and limitations of common analytical methodologies are appraised and students examine the typical metrics that are collected on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Data visualisation and presentation methods are also considered in order to optimise communication of empirical findings to a range of stakeholders. This includes aspects of acute decision making along with decisions that relate to player development and athlete acquisition. To ensure relevance with current best-practice, this subject utilises a plethora of contemporary research, and exposes students to a range of industry experts, who facilitate learning by presenting information obtained from the professional sport industry. This approach ensures the contemporary relevance of the content. A key aspect of this subject is the use of a comprehensive assessment that requires students to use a dataset from professional sport and systematically analyse the information to provide an integrated solution for enhancing athlete preparation.

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