University of Technology Sydney

96306 Recovery and Nutrition for High Performance Sport

6cp; 3 hpw online interactive activities; 5 hpw independent study
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This subject examines the role of recovery and nutrition in high performance sport. Firstly in module 1, the subject’s content focuses on developing a theoretical comprehension of fatigue and recovery to create a strong understanding and evaluation of methods surrounding the monitoring, interpretation, and reporting of appropriate interventions. Students also learn to optimise the selection of assessment protocols, critique methodologies appropriate to the athlete and evaluate the decision making process present in athletic settings and environments. In addition, students learn to adapt to industry recovery issues and solve critical problems in high performance sport. In the second Module, content focuses on fundamental nutrition principles that includes the role of energy balance and macronutrient availability and manipulation for training adaptation, preparing for competition, optimising body composition and nutrition troubleshooting for high performance sport practice. Here students learn how to diagnose and problem-solve various industry issues/scenarios, educate key stakeholders and develop strategies to optimise behaviour change. In addition, content focuses on contemporary topics and evidence-based nutrition practice to benefit athlete health and performance.

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