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96038 Professional Practice 2

6cp; on campus workshops at times throughout the session as timetabled, external clinical placement sessions
Requisite(s): 96027 Eye and Visual Systems AND 96028 Binocular Vision and Ocular Motility 1 AND 96029 Ocular Pathology 1 AND 96030 Introduction to Professional Practice AND 96031 Clinical Management of Refractive Error AND 96032 Binocular Vision and Ocular Motility 2 AND 96033 Ocular Pathology 2
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This subject provides opportunities for students to extend their clinical knowledge and demonstrate an understanding of clinical practice in a variety of hospital, private practice and community settings. Through learning in the clinical setting, professional behaviour is further developed and a broader understanding of the role of the orthoptist in managing eye care for a range of patients and clients as part of the multidisciplinary health care team is gained. Learning is directed by professional and skills-based activities, which are used for both summative and formative assessment. Students are required to reflect upon their professional development and to demonstrate fundamental competencies and skills in a clinical setting. During this clinical subject or in subsequent professional practice subjects, students attend at least one rural or regional clinical placement.

Typical availability

Spring session, at scheduled placement sites

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