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95566 Digital Experience Design

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Experience-centred design is concerned with designing for the richness of human experience with the wide variety of new technologies and media that are available. We can become excited by the potential of mobile computing, social media, customised and localised apps, and the ways in which they interact with each other. But the real excitement of experience-centred design is in the impulse to use these developments to give people the chance to have a richer life, to include people who might otherwise feel excluded, and to ensure that everybody has a chance to have their say, especially those who often feel voiceless.

This subject introduces students to the conceptual ideas behind user experience and experience design, and builds their understanding of the nature of human experience and its mediation by technology. The subject also introduces students to the practical processes of experience design by allowing students to work on a real-world design project with real users, supported with advice and input from practising professionals, and in a context of peer support and feedback. Students can explore approaches that engage users as participants in the design process, with a view to understanding relationships between users and designers in experience-centred design. Working on this project with others allows students the opportunity to engage critically with the theoretical and practical interdisciplinary approaches to information and interaction design.

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