University of Technology Sydney

94912 Clinical Exercise Medicine: Principles and Practices

6cp; 2hpw x 11wks (lectures); 3hpw x 11wks (practical); 20hours independent study
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Students completing this subject consolidate and advance anatomical, physiological, mechanical, and behavioural sciences knowledge and skills to conduct accurate, valid, reliable, and appropriate clinical assessments and exercise prescription (including for special populations such as older adults, and paediatric and adolescent clients). Students expand their theoretical and practical skills in objective and subjective clinical assessment, including client interviews, goal setting, clinical needs assessment, client capacity versus capability, test preparation, selection, order, and timing, clinically important differences, and discussion and feedback of the results with the client. Exercise planning and preparation, selection, demonstration, education and support, prescription principles, exercise delivery, progression, autoregulation, periodisation, monitoring, and case management for clients are explored. Adaptations of subjective and objective clinical assessments and exercise prescription and programming are applied for older adults and special populations including paediatric, adolescent, and older adult clients. Emphasis is placed on developing students’ abilities to integrate the knowledge, skills, and principles of evidence-informed practice, as well as ethical behaviours, and professional attributes that are necessary to function as an effective allied health care practitioner adopting a person-centred approach.

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