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94758 Digging for Paradigms

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This bespoke Lab invites the participants to conduct ‘field research’ to investigate the current practices and paradigms in their own organisation. Learners then explore future needs and desired states to identify gaps and opportunities in the space between the current paradigm and the desired future states. As part of the lab learners take a deep-dive into a field of thought that has sparked their interest in Fields of Thought (94711) and the paradigms under investigation. The deep dive involves a multi modal text review, including interviewing an expert/s on the topic, convening a living library-club to discuss an influential text and the production of an audio- or audio-visual recording. The recording is a reflective piece that explores the field of thought and its relevance to current practices and paradigms in their own organization along with the conditions needed to develop collective capacities to respond to global challenges.

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