University of Technology Sydney

94678 Innovation Capstone: Research and Development

12cp; a minimum of 80% attendance at classes (as outlined in the timetable) is required
Requisite(s): 94666 Innovation Internship OR 94667 Emergent Professional Practice
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In this first of two capstone subjects, students are challenged to scope a final project that takes a transdisciplinary approach in their particular field of interest. Building on and extending what was learned in prior subjects, the capstone incorporates elements of both technology and innovation and offers a flexible pathway for students to develop an original response to a current challenge. Projects may be research-focused (e.g. in partnership with a UTS research centre), centred on delivering outcomes for an industry, public sector organisation or community partner, or self-initiated (e.g. creating a start-up or a community of practice). In this first capstone subject, students spend their time networking professionally, planning, researching, assembling resources, gaining organisational or institutional support (if required) and testing their preliminary ideas for proposed products, initiatives or services in real-world contexts.

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