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94669 Project: Data-driven Design Challenges

Requisite(s): 94668 Project: Complex Challenges to Creative Possibilities AND 94676c Technology Lab 2: Connect and Network AND 94672c Creative Methods and Entrepreneurial Initiatives
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Undertaking a project in this subject exposes students to new ways of viewing and interacting with data. Working in teams, students use simple data analytics techniques and a range of data visualisation technologies – from pen and paper to spreadsheets and software – to interrogate various types of data from different stakeholder perspectives and identify patterns in the dataset. Whether solving problems or exploring new opportunities, students examine contemporary cases and live projects illustrating how novel big data sources can act as catalysts to drive innovation and transform industries and professions. Students work individually and in teams to investigate traditional and emerging big data sets, and test models or frameworks prior to rapidly developing a data driven prototype or proof of concept. They experiment with and consider different methods for communicating insights and proposals to different stakeholders for different purposes.

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