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94668 Project: Complex Challenges to Creative Possibilities

8cp; 4hpw, on campus
Requisite(s): 94674c Technology Lab 1: Imagine and Create AND 94673c Science Fiction: Making Futures
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This subject engages with the question of how to address the open, complex, dynamic and networked problems facing society. The project enables students to gain first-hand experience of the nature of today's problems, while they experiment with and consider new opportunities afforded by technology, now and into the future. Using research-inspired methodologies and practices already trialled in professional and industry contexts, students enact and test related methods, tools and techniques to create propositions in a collaborative environment. Through engaging with and evaluating the power of various methodologies, and exploring technological possibilities, they are inspired to identify new opportunities and create new approaches to challenges that have confounded conventional problem-solving practices. In the process, this subject hones students' skills in team collaboration, modelling, visualisation and presentation.

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