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94667 Emergent Professional Practice

12cp; 3hpw
Requisite(s): 94666 Innovation Internship
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This subject’s goal is to support emerging professional practitioners in pursuing meaningful work that matters to them and to society at large, whilst at the same time developing practices to support the emergence of their potential futures in their work. In this subject, students develop emergent pathways for a balanced and intentional professional life by continually reflecting on the intersections and tensions between what they love, what the world needs, what they are good at, and the practical requirements of generating livelihood. Students engage within a professional ecosystem of their choice, transcending a worldview of separation in which every person competes for their own gain, and instead leaning to cultivate generative relationships. The subject seeks to support students in surrounding themselves with people, knowledge and resources, helping students to better understand their place in the world, and pursue purposeful endeavours.

To solve complex challenges, graduates need to engage with complex ecosystems. Emergent professional practitioners operating at the cutting edge need to understand how to genuinely collaborate and share value with others to create system change.

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