University of Technology Sydney

94661 Transdisciplinary Project Development and Research

Requisite(s): 94659 Transdisciplinary Learning Experiences and Models AND 94660 Designing for Transdisciplinary Learning: Principles and Practices


In this final subject, participants collaborate in small teams and as a cohort on a selected field of study to develop and research a (small-scale) transdisciplinary initiative, using and extending the knowledge and practices they have developed in preceding subjects in the course. As part of that process they also design and produce an artefact or 'boundary object' – in some form related to transdisciplinary practice and drawing on earlier ideas – for testing in that initiative. Alongside their development project, participants conduct and report on a small empirical study which trials their project, to examine the value that results from it, for example. They argue a case for their inquiry, explore and justify its methodology, and report their findings and implications in creative ways and to different stakeholders.

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