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92671 Midwifery Practice 2: Supporting Women

6cp; 3hpw, lecture, on campus; 1.5hpw, laboratory, on campus; 192hrs, clinical
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This subject contributes to the knowledge, skills and competency required for midwifery practice. Students work with women and their babies in a supportive role while they further develop skills in assessment and screening. This subject focuses on the way that midwives can work in partnership with women throughout their pregnancy to provide health counselling and health promotion and aid women to prepare for childbirth, whilst respecting a woman's unique needs, expectations and aspirations in their pregnancy. Students also continue to develop their communication and documentation skills during this subject.

Students are provided with practice opportunities in a clinical facility for predetermined periods of time throughout the semester. Clinical practice introduces them to the care of the woman and her baby in a supportive role in the antenatal period, during labour and birth, and in the postnatal and neonatal period.

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Spring session

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