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92666 Integrated Professional Practice 2

6cp; 4 x 7hrs (workshops), plus weekly independent online study and participation in online activities
Requisite(s): 92665 Integrated Professional Practice 1
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Integrated Professional Practice 2 offers students the opportunity to undertake supervised and supernumerary extended clinical practice of 100+ hours. This will enable the application of coursework learning to nurse practitioner practice in representative health situations. This predominately field-based subject provides supervised and supported clinical practice experience to enhance and utilise coursework learning, enabling students to meet the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia’s Nurse Practitioner Standards for Practice.

This subject incorporates a spiral model of learning where learning from Integrated Professional Practice 1 will be revisited, reflected and built upon. This will allow a deeper understanding and application of the core concepts of advanced clinical knowledge and skills necessary for practice as a nurse practitioner in a clinical area within your organisational context. The subject content is determined by the context of practice and the student’s own learning objectives/ needs and focuses on developing nurse practitioner capability, with an emphasis on patients whose care is complex and challenging within your specialty area of practice. Congruent with the subject learning objectives and in consultation with the clinical and academic support teams, students will create personal learning outcomes that demonstrate the knowledge and skills required for the broad nurse practitioner role.

During the subject, students will be working in an advanced practice role (as demonstrated by completion and verification of the Australian Advanced Practice Nursing Self-Appraisal Tool) as a nurse practitioner student, supervised by a suitably qualified clinical support team from their facility in combination with an academic mentor appointed from the university.

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