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92573 Data Science in Health Care

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Requisite(s): 96 credit points of completed study in spk(s): C10360 Bachelor of Public Health



The last decade has witnessed significant advances in the amount of data people routinely generate and collect in many facets of their life, as well as improvements in the ability to use technology to analyse and understand this data. Understanding the data generated in the healthcare industry assists the discipline to become more efficient and effective, given the environment is forever attempting to reduce waste and overheads while improving outcomes and profit. Additionally, the world's population is increasing, people are living longer, and more chronic disease is prevalent, requiring new models of care and more personalised decision making driven by data. This subject exposes students to the construct of data and its journey to wisdom, and how this progression is predicated on the existence of accurate, relevant and correctly collected and organised data. Principles of good data stewardship are explored, including data processing, data governance, data standards, data privacy and data mining. First-hand exploratory interaction with data enables students to seek informative correlations, patterns and trends leading to discoveries, and identify data discovery studies of interest to them. Through hands-on data discovery experiments, students explore data as complex and heterogeneous, with new techniques and technologies raising implications for approaches to the ethical and legal collection of personal data in health care.

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