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92569 Fundamentals of Epidemiology and Population Health

6cp; Lecture (1hr, recorded, online); On-campus tutorial (1.5hrs, fortnightly); Online tutorial (1hr, fortnightly)
Requisite(s): 92574 Introduction to Public Health OR 92574 Introduction to Public Health
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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This foundation subject introduces students to epidemiology and its application in public health. The subject involves the study of factors affecting health and illness from a population rather than individual perspective. It further develops concepts introduced in 92574 Introduction to Public Health. Epidemiology underpins much of public health. It provides a framework of methods from which information can be reviewed to help identify and address public health problems. Students explore fundamental aspects of epidemiology, including:

  • foundation concepts: surveillance, measurements of health and disease, concepts of health and disease
  • study designs and their use: how epidemiological data can be used to plan and develop interventions to prevent disease (e.g. infection outbreak) and promote health
  • the social determinants of health and the importantce of epidemiology in understanding these.

This subject provides an excellent foundation in epidemiology and public health for those intending to work or who are currently working with health data, in health services and in health policy settings.

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