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92434 Professional Identity

6cp; 2hpw lecture (live, online), 4 x 2.5 hpw tutorial (face to face)
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Students gain an understanding of what it means to be a professional in contemporary health care practice. This subject focuses attention on learning about the essential components of professional conduct. Necessary components such as the right professional attitude, knowledge about professional nursing standards, quality and safety in the workplace, and the ability to establish a strong work ethic combine to provide sound scaffolding to enable clinical leadership. Students are encouraged to appreciate their strengths as individuals helping others and work towards confidence in using their learned skills in everyday nursing experiences. It is important that students become knowledgeable in the standards required for legal and ethical practice, and equipped to use these standards when working with colleagues and patients. The concept of reflection is explored during the session and forms a major part of the assessment. Students build on their understanding of social equity in order to make sound and clear judgements.

The subject outlines nursing as a profession and explores the forces that have shaped and continue to shape nursing practice as a collaborative professional endeavour. At the core of the subject is the view that a professional disposition articulates with all subjects and that successful transition to a professional practitioner is optimised by starting the process early. Professional growth and development and personal record keeping are introduced to facilitate this process.

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Spring session, City campus

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