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92372 Working with Diversity

6cp; 4hpw
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This subject examines the role of the midwife when working with women and families who have social or emotional complexities. Challenging issues, such as the role of the midwife in complying with child protection and other relevant legislation, are included. Students also explore the diverse complexities for women and their families who have, for example, experienced stillbirth, domestic violence, female genital mutilation, child protection involvement or an admission to a psychiatric facility in the puerperium. The subject builds on students' understanding of the community resources available to women and their families who require additional support. Legal, ethical and professional issues regarding the challenges in midwifery care are covered. Appropriate referral pathways are explored in this subject as well as working effectively within the multidisciplinary team. Communication skills addressing these diverse topics are developed and trialled by students within facilitated workshops.

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