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92354 Introductory Pharmacology and Microbiology

6cp; 4hpw; availability: Faculty of Health students only
Requisite(s): 92352 Anatomy and Physiology: Pregnancy and Childbirth OR 92670 Anatomy and Physiology: Pregnancy and Childbirth
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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This subject is divided into two components and provides the introductory principles governing drug action and microbial infections relevant to midwifery. Students learn in this subject through attendance and engagement in lectures, workshops, and laboratory practicals. Students are able to develop their knowledge and understanding of the theory and application of pharmacology and microbiology to midwifery practice using experimental and case study approaches that demonstrate and apply the lecture content.

Microbiology: This section of the subject covers the biology of the main groups of microorganisms, concepts of normal flora, opportunistic pathogens, and microbial infections acquired that are important for the practice of midwifery. Students use practical learning activities to engage with the relevant microbiology concepts including modes of transmission of micro-organisms, prevention of hospital acquired infections, and infection control.

Pharmacology: Students develop an understanding of the pharmacological theories relevant to midwifery and directly apply this theory to clinical case studies. The key concepts students learn and apply include: potency, drug/receptor interactions, agonists and antagonists and introductory concepts of pharmacokinetics. Other key topics include the site and mechanism of action of drugs affecting the cardiovascular system, anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, diabetes treatments used during pregnancy, anticoagulants, antimicrobials and drugs used in the treatment of asthma.

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Spring session, City campus

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