University of Technology Sydney

92028 An Introduction to Reproductive Health


2 x 7hrs (workshop), 2hpw x 11wks (independent study)



The aim of this subject is to establish a fundamental understanding of fertility – how it should work, what can go wrong, treatment options and possible outcomes for the patient. The subject introduces foundational concepts of the fertility pathway for students who wish to expand their knowledge of human fertility and infertility, as well as students planning to embark on, or further develop, careers in the clinical field of infertility and its treatment. The anatomy, physiology, endocrinology and pharmacological theory that underpin treatment decisions related to fertility interventions including assisted reproductive technology (ART) are studied in detail. Students develop essential skills required to enable students to educate and support patients on their fertility pathway, and contribute to the multidisciplinary healthcare team in the investigation and treatment of infertility. This is achieved through incremental study, which follows a common pathway of fertility investigations and interventions, taking the student from initial contact with the patient to treatment, and exploration of possible outcomes. Through completion of the learning activities, workshop and assessments, students also develop and enhance academic skills at a postgraduate level, including independent research, critical analysis, reflective thinking, academic writing, peer collaboration and feedback, in order to contribute and communicate effectively as an expert within the multidisciplinary healthcare team.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus

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