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91836 Professional Experience in Medical Science PT A

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Anti-requisite(s): 91557 Professional Experience in Medical Science PT A AND 94680 Entering Professional Life (6cp) AND 94681 Entering Professional Life (8cp)


This subject provides students with the opportunity to gain real-world work experience in order to prepare them as employment-ready graduates. The subject provides approved professional experience in a biomedical science service provider laboratory in the private or public sector. It is designed to provide students with appreciation of the technical, organisational, social, cultural, ethical and legislative dimensions of workplace practice in science. The focus is on the attributes required for a successful job application; orientation to workplace practices; self-analysis of current skills, attributes and learning needs; effective written and oral communication skills; application and extension of knowledge; technology proficiency; and early workplace experiences.

The principal aim of the subject is to provide students with experience-based exposure to the industry of medical science, to help students develop as professional scientists. Students learn from their own experiences in a professional setting through reflection on their workplace practices and documentation of their learning. They have the opportunity to devise strategies to fuse their practical experiences with future endeavours, and gain deeper awareness of themselves and their abilities to plan for professional and personal development, providing a competitive advantage for future employment.

The subject may be taken as the first in professional experience or after successful completion of 91552 Professional Experience in Medical Science 1. Specifics of the placement may differ depending on the sequence of subjects. The student may experience an introduction to several specialities in a pathology laboratory, eg microbiology, histology and biochemistry; or the student may focus on one laboratory specialty for the duration of the placement. Students experience the entire business process including work, health and safety; quality assurance and control; sample handling, processing and storage; data reporting; stakeholder interaction; and an overview of technical and experimental procedures.

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