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91823 Principles of Drug Actions

2cp; Online content delivery. Online attendance at the Zoom tutorial scheduled for Tuesday 14th January 2020 is mandatory. Attendance at the introductory Zoom tutorial on 10th January 2020 is recommended to familiarise students with Zoom tutorials.
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Anti-requisite(s): 91181 Principles of Drug Actions AND 91707 Pharmacology 1


Pharmacology is a biomedical discipline that is involved with the study of the effects of drugs on living systems. This subject provides the introductory principles governing drug action that are developed further in 91183 Drugs in the Human Body and 91182 Mechanism of Drugs in Treatment.

The major objectives of this subject are to develop the concept of dose-response relationships and an understanding of the sites, mechanisms and specificity of drug action. It explores the chemical nature of drugs and the relationship between structure and activity.

Online content is complemented by a Zoom tutorial program which emphasises the relationship between the properties of a drug and its delivery.

The study of pharmacology is a desirable part of any general medical or bioscience education and is also relevant to those intending to pursue careers in teaching, law, and local government. For this reason, this subject is directed not only towards training specialist pharmacologists but aims at providing a broad education about drugs that may affect living organisms and impact on society. In order to do this, the fundamental principles of pharmacology must be fully understood before the applied aspects of drug action can be discussed.

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