University of Technology Sydney

91817 Medical Biotechnology

6cp; 5hpw (practicals, workshops, self-directed learning)
Requisite(s): 91142 Biotechnology


This subject is designed to enable students to consolidate and apply already gained scientific and molecular biology knowledge to discovery and development of medical biotechnologies. It also provides the opportunity for the development of laboratory skills related to in vitro models of various diseases using cell culture-based techniques in the HIVE laboratory. Research in the field of medical biotechnology has created breakthrough treatments for cancer, life-changing diagnostics and treatments for respiratory disease, heart disease and diabetes, and disease-eradicating vaccines, which have significantly improved and extended human lives. In this subject, during a series of laboratory practicals, workshops and inquiry-orientated learning activities, students develop comprehensive understanding of the use of cutting-edge technologies and research in discovery and development of biotechnologies for the management and treatment of human diseases. Students also learn about the clinical translation of research and commercialisation of novel concepts and discoveries. Innovative assessments enable students to develop research and laboratory skills, critically appraise the literature, identify gaps in the knowledge, design experiments, carry out a laboratory-based mini project in the HIVE, analyse and interpret datasets, and communicate scientific findings. Ethical considerations in experimental design are also discussed. Students develop up-to-date understanding of the clinical needs in a range of medical areas and are able to demonstrate the use of 'omics' and imaging techniques for biomarker and drug discovery. The students also comprehend the pathways for the development of cell-based, biologics or gene therapy as well as regenerative medicine and drug repurposing. Therefore, the students gain in-depth understanding of the state-of-the-art technologies employed in research to create original discoveries and develop medical biotechnologies, from a molecule to patient.

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