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91812 Human Anatomy 2

6cp; 2hpw (lecture), 1hpw (tutorial), 1.5hpw (practical)
Requisite(s): 91400 Human Anatomy and Physiology
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This subject is the second of two human anatomy subjects that focus on introducing students to correct medical terminology used in the study of structures in the human body and the understanding of their functions. This subject introduces students first to medical and anatomical terminology; followed by a regional approach (body regions) to the knowledge presented. The upper limbs are the first region studied in detail, including the bones and muscles (musculoskeletal structures), as well as the blood vessels and nerves (neurovascular structures) that keep the upper limbs working at optimal levels. Following the upper limbs, the lower limbs are studied. This part of the body is larger and has more structures to recognise, however learning this follows the same principle framework as for the upper limbs. The same study structure is applied to the head, neck and vertebral column regions, which play a very important role in hosting and protecting the nervous system that will be studied last. This subject includes an introduction to the central and peripheral nervous systems, including the related blood supply.

This subject combines theoretical study of anatomical structures with practical application of knowledge in the form of exploring the body structures via exposure to cadavers in the Anatomical and Surgical facility (wet labs). Anatomy knowledge is put into practice also through the surface anatomy section of practical and problem solving exercises during the workshops.

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