University of Technology Sydney

91567 Advanced Microscopy and Imaging

8cp; 2 x 4hrs (practical), 1 x 3hrs and 2 x 4hrs (drop-in practical), 1 x 3hrs (computer analysis session), 1 x 1hr (optional visit to research facility), 2 x 3hrs (drop-in computer analysis session); all practical and computer sessions require in person attendance
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Anti-requisite(s): 91566 Advanced Microscopy and Imaging AND 91573 Advanced Microscopy and Imaging


This subject provides an in-depth understanding of the theoretical principles of modern microscopy and offers students the opportunity for hands-on use of state-of-the-art research microscopes at UTS. The subject covers theoretical principles of light and fluorescence. Microscopy techniques include bright-field, DIC and phase contrast microscopy. More advanced techniques based on fluorescence labelling, includes confocal microscopy and informative live cell (real-time) imaging. The subject covers background and theory of cutting-edge techniques including super resolution microscopy. The subject reviews all aspects of sample preparation including best practice methods (e.g. use of appropriate controls). Optimised data acquisition for image analysis pipelines will be considered. The basic principles of image analysis for quantitative microscopy will be covered. Practical sessions provide the opportunity to perform both a fixed and a live cell fluorescence microscopy experiment and allow students to work with their own results data for complex computer analysis and presentation. Results data from the major experiment in the subject are compiled for data analysis, presentation and discussion for the major assessment and are presented in a fashion deemed acceptable at a scientific conference or meeting. Students also have the opportunity to reflect on their own learning throughout the subject as part of an assessed reflection task.

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