University of Technology Sydney

91363 Animal Behaviour and Physiology

6cp; 2hpw, lecture, online; 4 x 3hrs, workshop
Requisite(s): 91123 Nature and Evolution


Animal behaviour and physiology is the objective study of how animals respond to and interact with the environment and other biota. Understanding how animals behave and adapt to external environments, and why, is vital to many realms of science, but particularly the environmental sciences of biology, ecology, conservation, animal welfare and biogeography. Key to this understanding is the process by which adaptive responses arise through evolutionary selection. The focus of this subject is therefore to gain an understanding of the different internal and external responses of animals and the processes that drive their evolution. Emphasis is placed on how adaptive responses enable species to survive and reproduce, and how environmental change favours or disfavours behaviours and physiologies (and, by inference, species).

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Spring session, City campus

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