University of Technology Sydney

91194 Evidence Based Practice in Medical Science

6cp; six (6) hours per week consisting of a combination of online learning activities and on-campus workshops. The on-campus workshops are facilitated by experts in the field, and form an integral component of all assessment tasks, therefore attendance is strongly encouraged.
Requisite(s): 91400 Human Anatomy and Physiology
Anti-requisite(s): 91175 Evidence-based Medical Science AND 91176 Case Studies in Medical Science


Evidence-based practice in medical science is critical to the advancement of health and the development of solutions to medical problems. In this subject, students learn about new and existing medical interventions and treatments. Students develop the capacity to reflect upon and implement scientific recommendations after judicious comparisons of the benefits and harms of different clinical options. This subject develops skills in generating clinical questions, finding the best evidence, critically appraising the evidence for validity and usefulness, and implementing best evidence in clinical practice and for health policy recommendations and guidelines. An understanding of the processes by which scientific discoveries are translated to clinical practice is a vital component for any career in medical science.This subject explores important emerging and longstanding healthcare issues and their solutions through critical analyses of published clinical trials and research articles. Students synthesise findings from clinical research through interactive workshops and student-led discussions to make informed judgements on emerging and longstanding medical science issues and solutions. Students learn about randomised controlled trial study design and methodologies, research ethics, and the factors that influence the validity of medical research and clinical trials. Students also develop skills in scientific communication, with particular focus on understanding how to tailor output towards different audiences, and in formats that are relevant to a variety of careers and professional roles of scientists.

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