University of Technology Sydney

91177 Haematological Diagnostics

6cp; 2hrs per fortnight, online lecture/workhop; online self-paced learning
Requisite(s): 91563 Haematology 1
Anti-requisite(s): 91358 Haematology 2


In this subject students study the disease processes related to hereditary, acquired, benign and malignant disorders of haematological systems. With a strong emphasis on interpreting and analysing background information and microscopy, students are taught to make provisional haematological diagnosis by referring to current haematological practices including specialised stains and suggest tests which help confirm their diagnosis. Online material introduce students to the theory behind the pathophysiology of haematological disorders while microscopic morphological examination of peripheral blood and bone marrow in disease is done via digital morphology. In addition, during the cytogenetic component of the subject, students complete electronic karyotype analysis of cytogenetic abnormalities and, using other skills developed during the subject, are able to identify genetic abnormalities in case studies.

The subject exposes students to industry perspectives, and strategies throughout, and supports students to develop their professional skills and put this to practice through the interpretation of haematological tests and the diagnosis of disease. This subject strongly supports current workplace practices for modern laboratories and throughout the session students learn skills and develop the abilities that helps them succeed as graduates.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus

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