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91170 Microbial Ecology

6cp; lectures (Spring session): 2hpw x 11wks (2 x 1hr, online); practicals (Spring session): 3hpw x 2wks (1 x online, 1 x laboratory), 4hpw x 2wks (1x field-practical, 1 x laboratory); tutorials (Spring session): 3hpw x 2wks
Requisite(s): (91123 Nature and Evolution AND (91161 Cell Biology and Genetics OR 65111 Chemistry 1))


Microorganisms dominate all natural ecosystems and are fundamentally important for the maintenance of conditions that permit life on earth. Microbes are also important infectious agents or symbionts of animals and plants, and thus play a critical role in influencing the physiology and ecology of these larger organisms. Understanding these relationships and the ecology of microbes is often overlooked, but fundamental to environmental science. This subject goes beyond traditional laboratory and clinical-based microbiology to examine the ecological role of microorganisms in natural environments. Within this context the subject investigates how microorganisms fit into aquatic and terrestrial food webs, and the roles that they play in controlling global chemical cycling processes. The ways that microbes interact with higher organisms (animals and plants) and their influence on human society are also examined. The primary objective is to provide a comprehensive introduction to the multifaceted influences of microorganisms in our natural world.

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Spring session, City campus

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