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91137 DNA Profiling

6cp; 5 hours per week (2 hour lecture, 3 hour practical/tutorial)
Requisite(s): 35255c Forensic Statistics AND 65242 Principles of Forensic Science AND 65342c Crime Scene Investigation AND 91132c Molecular Biology 1
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Since it was first introduced into forensic science in the mid-1980s, DNA profiling has evolved into one of the most powerful tools in the forensic armoury and hence in the investigation and solving of crimes.

In this time the techniques of DNA profiling have changed enormously, and their sensitivity is such that DNA profiling can now identify DNA sources from as little as 6–10 human cells. Typical sources of DNA in a forensic investigation have grown from large stains of body fluids, to microscopic traces of skin.

This subject examines the molecular biological techniques necessary to produce DNA profiles. DNA extraction, quantitation, amplification, electrophoresis and examination using standard technologies is highlighted, as required for court admissible evidence.

Population genetics and population structure are addressed in relation to the relevance and probative weight of DNA evidence of different types (single source, mixed source, low template) using different markers (autosomal, Y chromosome, mtDNA) for different applications of human identification (criminal cases, paternity, kinship, missing persons).

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