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89999 Design Workshop: Creative Play

6cp; 3 hr weekly studio session
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'In recent years, high-definition video has democratised as a medium. Online platforms have lowered the cost of uploading and distributing films to zero. Social media are dominated by streaming video. Today, anyone with a smartphone has a movie camera at their disposal. It is now completely natural to think, sketch, and communicate in video.' (Sandberg Institute)

How do you take a complex idea and explain it to a wider audience through the medium of digital video? This may be explaining a product, a service, a design or a research concept. The three key elements of the subject include: taking a concept/product and representing it using the moving image; basic video production skills; and how to propagate or distribute the video.

This subject focuses on practical and strategic skills for developing online video content. It is useful for designers looking for skills in this increasingly pervasive medium and who are generally interested in the way different content formats are changing the online landscape.

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