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89990 Animation Project

Requisite(s): 89200 Design Communication
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In project work students undertake an original short piece of animation work informed by theoretical study, based on independent research and showing evidence of their professional skills and creative expertise. The project can be in any appropriate form and style of animation production. Students are also required to produce a critical rationale (of approximately 5,000 words) to accompany the project. The animation project is required to demonstrate work of a high standard with the possibility of being publicly exhibited. It must be of a length that can be reasonably completed within the time frame. In Animation Project, students work with their supervisor to negotiate the feasibility and length of their proposed project and their production schedule. In this first part of the session, students are expected to take their project through research and script revisions to storyboard stage and into pre-production. Students are also expected to make significant progress on their rationale by mid-session then take both this and their project through to completion. The project should be a significant piece of quality animation, informed by theory and suitable for international exhibition, with an accompanying rationale and research document. It must show evidence that students have engaged in a lively dialogue between theoretical ideas and production practices. Students take the project from shooting, through editing, sound design and post-production. They are expected to screen work-in-progress to their supervisor and regularly report on their post-production. The completed project should demonstrate the student's professional skills and creative expertise and the evidence of the student's capacities as an animator. The subject is conducted by individual supervision and attendance at weekly seminars that offer students the opportunity to present their program ideas, project development and work-in-progress for critical examination. There is also screening and discussion of short media work and the presentation of production case studies relevant to student's own production work.

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