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89151 Design for Change: Specific Retail Environments



In this studio students are required to apply various methods of problem exploration and design research to develop solutions to a current crime problem for real retail business clients. Students work on real projects, often in teams and always supported by experts in the fields of socially responsive design, environment design, crime prevention, and retail planning.

The studio process requires students to develop a comprehensive understanding of the range of commercial, organisational and community drivers in the retail context, including loss prevention. The challenge is to develop a design approach that addresses the various drivers, while also providing an environment less prone to crime. Working with real clients in a commercial setting requires students to develop their team and project management skills in a situation dependent on the professional delivery of design outcomes.

Through an applied project with a large retail store client (supermarket, department store or hardware store), the subject builds students' skills and knowledge about how to research and understand crime problems. DOC methods of problem exploration and reframing are reviewed and applied to the client's problem. Through this studio students start to develop key skills and understanding of how design processes can be employed to develop innovative solutions to crime problems.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus

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