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89127 Design Studio 2: Social Design Practice/Critical Reflection

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This studio builds on 89126 Design Studio 1: Human-centered Design, or experiences gained in other studio majors, in order to draw a fine focus on the relationship of how design can affect social frameworks. This subject critically explores the creative challenges involved in socially responsible design. Participants learn a range of ways of negotiating cultural difference to access deeper understandings of social conditions. It focuses on a number of participatory design techniques, where designers act as facilitators of communities, helping them to identify their needs and then realise ways of satisfying their needs in socially, ecologically and economically sustainable manner. Professional designers and expert designers use reflection in different ways. This subject examines the reflection of design during the professional design process, and also the sharing of ideas, as practiced by expert designers who challenge existing habits and prejudices. Through a series of readings and projects, students learn how to implement changes to the way they design through critically reflecting on social design practice.

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