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89120 Sustainability, Design and Creative Futures: Being Human

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students taking the Design for Change Studio major, to which this studio belongs, should also take the theory subjects 89105 Design Activism; 89110 Engaging Texts: Interpreting Contexts; and 89172 Engaging Texts: Cross-disciplinary Conversations



The quest to find more sustainable ways to inhabit the planet is complicated by human entanglement in practices, systems and sub-cultures that are, in themselves, unsustainable. Designed things constantly reconfigure these entanglements; seemingly modest design interventions can have profound and ongoing effects, both intended and unintended. Designing for more sustainable human worlds, therefore, requires reflective awareness of the ways in which design can reconfigure the ways of being human.

This studio investigates the ways that different kinds of designed things shape what it is to be human, whether they be garments, equipment, interfaces or environments. Drawing upon contemporary philosophies of technology and theories of practice, the studio provides critical tools to support designing that engages richly with the complexity of human experience and culture. The emphasis of the studio is upon understanding what should be valued, and what can be let go, in the quest to be both more sustainable and most fully human.

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