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89111 Interactivation Studio: Autumn

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This studio is dedicated to the relationship between people and technology, in particular the design of interfaces connecting technological environments with their inhabitants. Interactivation is a design approach to creating distributed interfaces which enable better designed interactions in electronic ecosystems. This involves interactions in ecologies, from the intimate (on and around the body) to the spatial (rooms and buildings), to the urban/landscape scale and beyond. Examples of such intimate interfaces are phones and other objects, wearable interfaces and interactive jewellery. The spatial scale is concerned with interactive spaces (indoor parameters such as light, temperature and data flow) and buildings (interactive architectures), while the urban scale can be, for instance, interactive facades and long-range spatial information radiation including the natural landscape.

This subject covers a broad field of design and study involving a variety of disciplines. Students gain and develop knowledge and insights in human factors, engineering, art and design. The subject guides individual and group development of a new type of designer who is equally confident in understanding and applying technology, human factors and artistic–conceptual thinking. The outcomes of this process involving research and design are presented in the studio in the forms of working demonstrators, interactive presentations and reflective writing.

Students are given a tailored project (1, 2 or 3 based on individual level of development, determined through prior learning) that is expanded on through their remaining Interactivation Studio subjects.

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Autumn session, City campus

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