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89110 Higher Orders of Design

6cp; 3hpw
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This subject introduces students to designing inclusively for current and future sociocultural contexts. Students are introduced to key principles of Inclusive Design to help them skillfully interpret the various contexts within which designs are encountered, engaged with, experienced, or consumed.

In the first six weeks of the subject, students are led through a series of progressive principles to acquire a deep understanding of designing for social diversity and are introduced to complex considerations of designing with rather than for people. Students test their inclusive design literacy through a series of engaging weekly activities.

In the second six weeks of the subject, students expand their understanding of inclusive design by working on an inclusive design project with a client from the disability sector. Building on key insights from the first part of the subject, students consider a real life context where designs can reform or improve the present and make way for designs that can help enable more system-wide transitions. Students learn how to intervene responsibly in social diversity and complexity and enhance their understanding of how to design for those whose voices are not often heard.

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Autumn session, City campus

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