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89109 Design Prototyping

6cp; 3hpw, lecture and practical workshop, online
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Prototypes bring design concepts to life in low-risk scenarios. They are very important forms of communication in the design process, and integral to practices of user-centred research. Design prototyping helps designers to communicate their ideas to other designers, understand assumptions about who they design for, and to gather input on their design propositions in a generative research process. As a provisional design form, prototypes are generally constructed from low-fidelity materials, such as paper and cardboard and ready-to-hand props, which are brought together in ‘informative performances’ that portray the fundamental empathy of designing.

In this workshop-based subject, students acquire knowledge of different techniques of prototyping: investigating physical properties of object-human relationships; exploring the experiences of different users through prototyping personas and scenarios; and designing for social and cultural change through the development of narrative prototypes. Students learn about the history of prototyping as it has emerged in user-centred design, how to make design prototypes, and techniques of design storytelling to activate prototypes in social settings.

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