University of Technology Sydney

89108 Animation Workshop: Creative Play

6cp; 3hpw: 1hr (lecture), 2hrs (tutorial)
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This subject investigates the construction of alternative narratives that explore and communicate potential approaches to social and political problems in new ways. Through an exploration of narrative design strategies, students research and develop appropriate responses to an evolving set of real-world problems with an emphasis on using creative play as a powerful input into the design process. The design and creation of motion graphics, animation, print and video assets enables thoughtful design responses that explore post-digital production techniques. Students are expected to participate fully in the creation of narrative content, producing projects that demonstrate a professional level of production and a heavily researched design response that communicates clearly to their target audience. Students are encouraged to investigate new modes of communication, including augmented reality, and to explore the relationship between ideas, narrative, media and format. The subject aims to support students in creative exploration, critical thinking, analysis and reflection on the narrative design process and typically suits students comfortable with a dynamic, hands-on, experimental learning situation.

Typical availability

Spring session, City campus

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