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89038 The Power of Design: to Make Impactful Charts and Infographics



In this stubject students learn powerful design principles for making better, more persuasive charts and infographics.

As data visualization becomes an essential skill for business people, managers and researchers everywhere, this subject provides students with the language and core principles to understand and harness the power of visual communication to make more impressive and persuasive data visualisations, diagrams and information graphics.

James de Vries uses the lens of his career in editorial and strategic design to introduce the principles and practices needed to produce persuasive, effective and ethical charts, data visualisations, diagrams and infographics.

Short, informal lectures and discussion groups introduce core concepts. Hands-on workshops lead students through practical exercises that build their confidence in implementing these fundamental design ideas and techniques in their work.

This subject enables students to think more critically and creatively about what goes into making good (and bad) visualisations, how to create and refine the most appropriate and effective visualisations for their task, and how to present them in a powerful and persuasive way.

Completing this subject allows students to harness the power of design using the everyday tools and software with which they are familiar. Its focus is on the effective application of design principles; data-science programming and software training are not covered.

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