University of Technology Sydney

89037 The Power of Design: to Improve Your Business Communications

3cp; 14hrs x 1wk (weekend workshop, on campus ), 6hpw x 2wks (studio, online)


In this subject students learn to harness the power of design to create impactful and persuasive business communications.

Communicating ideas and persuading others through business presentations is THE crucial currency for today’s businesses. However, the majority of business presentations are dull and ineffectual. James de Vries uses the lens of his global career as a newspaper, magazine and strategic design leader to introduce the storytelling and design secrets of the world’s best magazines and newspapers to revolutionise how to communicate in presentations.

This practical, hands-on subject enables students to transform how they approach their business presentations by harnessing classic design principles and techniques. It introduces students to the fundamentals of good design and gives them practical tools and tips to create more meaningful and persuasive storytelling in a business context.

With lectures, exercises and critiques, this subject accelerates users in their persuasive storytelling ability. It demonstrates how good editorial design is not accidental and contains all the elements that can be used to increase the humanity, connection and influence of daily business communications.

The subject traverses core storytelling and design principles to build context, knowledge and conceptual thinking capacity.

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Autumn session, City campus

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