University of Technology Sydney

88460 Interactive Product Design: Methodology and Research

12cp; 8hpw (if no exception is stated in the program): 2hpw (lectures), 3hpw (practical tutorial), 3hpw (theoretical tutorial)
Requisite(s): 84811 Smart Design
Recommended studies:

some experience with basic electronics, user-centred design, writing reports


Interaction design can be defined as 'interactive products containing embedded electronics that respond to people's actions' (Rogers et al., 2011). In this subject an interactive prototype is created, and this making is a tool in the process, not the end goal. The focus of this subject is to explore people's desires in everyday life through people-centred design methods and to create a not-yet-existing product as a support for those people, which is used in the real-world to evaluate the impact of the designed intervention.

The overall aim for this subject is for each individual student to generate new knowledge by going through a complete research-through-design process, including communication of the results through a video, a presentation and a paper.

Aside from gaining experience with this type of process, the content includes the application area of physical interaction design (also known as tangible interaction) and methods used in people-centred design.

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