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88008 A Genealogy of Digital Photography



This subject presents a reassessment of the history and ontology of digital photography. It is almost universally assumed that digital photograpy follows analog photography, that it is an extension of analog technology, and that it can be placed in a linear progression of image making technology. Taking Geoffrey Batchen's paper 'Electricity made visible' as a starting point, we address these claims, asking whether digital photography precedes the invention of analog photography, whether it presents a fundamental break in image production, and what these claims can tell us about the broader relationships between culture, media and technology. This class is an extension of the history and theory strand begun in first year, and features advanced readings of the works of Marshall McLuhan, Lev Manovich, Geoffrey Batchen, Bruno Latour and Friedrich Kittler (among others).

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Autumn session, City campus
Spring session, City campus

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