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87333 VC Technology: Typography, Text and Form

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This subject advances students' knowledge and skill in the design and production of words and texts as well as the design of individual letterforms and typefaces. Following on from VC Technology: Visible Language, this subject overviews the historical development of written languages in the context of technological change, and critically examines contemporary applications of typographic forms. Through lectures and studio-practice, students achieve a progressive level of literacy in visual technologies and issues such as figure/ground relationships, hierarchical structures, spatial organisation, text setting for legibility and readability, typographic detailing of headline copy as well as individual letterforms.

Students are encouraged to integrate theory and practice, with theoretical issues presented and critically analysed in lectures, then personally researched through practical investigation. Knowledge and skills gained in this subject support the processing and presentation of design project work. The use of technologies for word/text processing and production are demonstrated and practical experience is gained in design studios and computing laboratories, which introduces and demonstrates the use of advanced applications of software programs that directly support the examination and processing of typographic forms and applications.

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Spring session, City campus

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